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Ralston McKenzie.

With a voice like thunder and warmth like a July afternoon, Ralston ‘Sunday Contact’ McKenzie is one of our radio stalwarts who has the ability to entrap listeners with his presence. His laughter is infectious and his knowledge of ‘grown folk’ music knows no bounds.

Not one to rush, he is thorough in his musical presentation, ensuring that you never miss a beat. He lets you really feel the music, lets you ponder on the words and meanings whilst being taken to a place of calm and ease. By the time he’s finished, you’ve forgotten that it’s a Sunday and you have the hustle and bustle of Monday morning mayhem traffic ahead of you. You’ve digested your supper and are thinking rather pleasant thoughts.

Ralston’s interest in touching lives and helping reunite families is also evident in his persistence to definitely enable loved ones to make that lost contact. Many families and friends have experienced the magic that is Ralston McKenzie uniting those who have lost touched for months and years!

Without a doubt, he is a ‘what you see what you get’ type of guy with a gravitational pull on his audience.