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Gerry McDaniel.

Gerry McDaniel has redefined rice & peas on a Sunday afternoon with his charming laid back aura inside Palav. Indeed it has become the norm to have your baked chicken with a side of Palav on your front porch or under a mango tree. His personality oozes ease and comfort and makes you want to hear who he’ll be chatting with this Sunday.

He has a way of fraternizing with people from different walks of life and making each one feel relaxed while they spill out bits and pieces of their life story; by the time they’re finished they realize that they have shared some of the most intimate details effortlessly. His aura reminds you of a warm quilt that wards off the cold on a rainy afternoon.

Don’t be fooled by his ‘chummy wummy’ side because there is a hard hitting sharpness to his personality that comes out when needed. He can pin you to a wall with one question and have you wrapped up in your own tongue with one word…nevertheless his adaptable persona makes him easy to be around and become engulfed.