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Dr Orville Taylor.

Dr Orville Taylor, “Miss Ivy Last Bwoy, is the Wednesday host of RJR’s Hot Line, the most-respected talk programme in Jamaica. This sociologist and popular motivational speaker, based at the University of the West Indies, is a passionate advocate of Blackness and Black history. The tongue in cheek player on words has a reputation of straight up honesty and unbiased-ness, a reputation he carried while writing in the Sunday Gleaner, Gleaner Online and the Black-oriented UK Newspaper, The Voice.

In his own words, “There is still much tongue and much cheek but they do not go together.” When he is on the Hotline, on Wednesdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, it is where; “The Truth Comes to Live and the Lies Come to Die!”

For Jamaica’s “Man in Black” every day is Black History and he unearths Black facts; past, present and future. Like Hotline, he is not just talk, he is substance and you can often find him visiting schools and doing other public service.; Facebook: Orville Taylor Blackline; Blog: