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Alan Magnus.

Alan Magnus has been waking up Jamaicans for many moons with 40years of broadcasting experience under his belt and has become synonymous with the essence of Real Jamaican Radio. His infectious laugh and quick wit goes hand in hand with that warm cup of coffee to give you that well needed ‘pick me up’. From 5am Alan helps you to yawn and stretch yourself into shape inside Jamaican Morning.

His Jamaican Morning sidekick, Paula-Anne Porter Jones provides the oestrogen needed to have that balance. Oestrogen or no oestrogen, this roguish radio man knows how to engage your mind especially if it involves computers. In fact Alan has entered into a love affair with gismos and gadgets that spell futuristic and fun and can always be seen fiddling with some machinery.

His boyish excitement brings you back to the days of asham, jackass corn and bobby socks and for a moment you become nostalgic and weightless. If you haven’t had your daily dose of Jamaican Morning Alan, now’s your chance to have a Real Jamaican Radio morning.