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Whatsapp Introduces Encryption

Yup, arguable the most popular messaging platform in the word just launched end to end encryption.  So, whether you’re chatting about your plans to attack a killer sandwich or to blow up an exam, your instant messages are protected, as of, well, now.


Tech For Life- No Need to Panic about Instagram's Timeline Experiment

So, Instagram (IG) announced that it was experimenting with changing its timeline.  Instead of the reverse chronological order we’ve all become accustomed to, they now want to tweak the algorithm to show the “most relevant posts” first.


What price Justice?

An Act to Amend the Jury Act was passed in the Senate on October 16 2015 and passed in the House of Representatives on December 1 2015. The Governor General gave his assent on December 21 2015 a few days shy of Christmas . Among other things it reduced the number of persons to serve on a Jury in non capital murder cases from twelve to seven and allows for a majority verdict of five of those seven jurors.

“JAMAICA SPORTING GENIUS: SUSTAINING AND INDUSTRIALIZATION EXCELLENCE” Speech by Sir Hilary Beckles, Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies





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