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Social Stardom in a Real Sense

The irony is, it took a social media event for me to meet a social media star.

Thanks to Digital Media Week Jamaica #DMWJamaica, I was able to meet in person and physically mingle with a few social media stars that I follow or converse with regularly.

#DMWJamaica is an “unconference” that seeks to share social success stories and highlight Jamaicans excelling in the social media space.  The four-day series of events included a panel discussion at the trendy ATL Showroom on Tuesday, June 29, 2016.

Pass On Passive Passwords

Advisory: Change all your critical account passwords (email, bank, social media) immediately and often.

I agree, it is troublesome to come up with complex and unique passwords for every online account or service (in my case, 82 and counting), but I believe (from anecdotal experience only thank God) that it is less troublesome than having your data, PC, money and or identity stolen, held at ransom, revealed or deleted.

The Problem

Hybrid Hits Home

The three-day spectacle was an assault on the senses.  Everywhere you turned, there was something to look at, hear, touch or taste at the clearly successful Jamaica Expo.  


The tiny but tallawah Amber Connect device was great.  The potentially transformational JUTC Smarter Card was encouraging.  But, Kelly Tomlin’s personal car parked perched on a platform the centre of the arena for the JPS booth was, without a doubt, the most ogle-worthy display at Expo.


Chat Bot


April 13, 2016



Chat Bots


Are you ready to have a conversation with …. An algorithm?  Here come the chat bots.


So, a chatbot is a computer programme designed to simulate conversations with human users.  The term, chat bot, is actually short for chat robot which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn from conversations.

Expo Jamaica: Amber Connect


Wednesday, April 20, 2016



Expo Jamaica: Amber Connect



If there were a Best In Show Award - Technology category and the immensely successful Expo Jamaica, Amber Connect would have won, hands down!


It was a small booth, tucked away in a corner.  You could have missed it.  Thankfully, I did not.

Expo Jamaica: JUTC

Expo Jamaica was an impressive spectacle.

The Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) offered its own impressive showing with a booth

to pitch its “Smarter Card”.

The Smarter Card is a cashless payment system for public buses, much like the Metro Card

used in the US subway systems. The standard sized plastic card is embedded with an NFC

chip which keeps the cardholders basic data and payment history. The card is “topped up” at

designated areas, including the “pop up top up” station at Expo Jamaica. The topped up card is

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