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International Women’s Day!! Hooray! But what will we women get out of it?

International Women’s Day!! Hooray! But what will we women get out of it? Not much

materially, I believe. The boys have just drained their pockets dry with Valentine’s Day.

So what should the girls (women) expect? How about some respect? If you must curse,

using those blue-lights which invariably have references to the female anatomy as choice

adjectives, try soaping out your mouths instead. Be a gentleman, even for a day. Thank


As to the gifts, real women don’t expect two succeeding months of chocolates and

“Run-mout” in Parliament

“Run-mout” in Parliament

Mr. Ed Bartlett, chairman of Parliament’s Public Administration and Appropriations

Committee (PAAC) “run him mout” in the course of an analysis of a report to the House

in committee, by the Women’s Centre Foundation of Jamaica. More popularly known as

the Women’s Centre, the organization has long been respected for its dedication in its over

three decades of ministering to young teenage mothers. What has changed now?

Mr. B., accuses them of “a fire station approach to their responsibilities”. Are we to

Creative Purpose by Hotline host Clive Mullings

Creative Purpose

“fire burning hot” in Gordon House

While the Diaspora family was freezing in brutal winter storms on Tuesday evening, it was “fire burning hot” in Gordon House. Source of the conflagration? The Prime Minister’s travel overseas. Should the PM have gone “a Farrin?” How many times? What it cost? Who to pay? Why didn’t the PM talk to the people before? It doesn’t matter now where the questioning began and why it took so long for the answers to come. The Opposition admits that they’ve begun preparing to win the next General Election. You can bet “foreign travel” will be on the platform.

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