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Digital Dangers - Quizzes and Memes


It all seems so cute and innocent.  A friend posts a list of all the great concerts they attended to their timeline and encourages you to do the same.  Or maybe, you saw a friend post results from a quiz that revealed something new and you consider trying it too.





Digital Dangers Lurking in Maps


Location tracking apps are certainly not new.  But Snapchat’s new Snap Map feature has reignited the conversation around location tracking apps and privacy.


I will assume that you know what is Snapchat.  The popular messaging app launched a new feature encouraging users to share their current location in real time on an interactive map.  Facebook and other social media apps have previously offered delayed and real time location notification, but Snapchat’s adds their twist by populating that data on a map.


Traditional Game Consoles and Handheld Consoles

Traditional game consoles and handheld consoles are remarkably popular.  The billion dollar gaming industry attracts a wide cross section of people; not just the stereotypical young adult make geek gamer.


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