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International Streaming Services

There is no question that here in Jamaica, 1SpotMedia and Netflix are the best streaming TV options.  They are both purpose built for our market. 

There are other notable streaming services that are not readily available on our shores.  These include: Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTubeTV (a paid streaming service separate from YouTube itself). 


Get Your Netflix Fix

Let’s face it, it is a whole new world … a streaming world.

My kid doesn’t even know what a DVD is, let alone a VHS rental.  Movies, TV shows, video and related content, are delivered directly to us on devices in the palm of our hand or setting in our living room.

Consumer demand, coupled with the profit potential of streaming, has created an environment rife with streaming options.  Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and our own 1SpotMedia deliver high-quality content on demand, and we love it.

Instagram Stories Basics

Ready to up your Instagram game?

 You don’t have to be a business or a brand to use Instagram effectively.  But here are a few tips to catapult your Insta Stories to a whole new level.

First off, Stories are images (photos or 15-sec videos) that once posted ‘disappear’ from view on your account 24 hours later.  Of course, ‘disappear’ is relative.  Stories can be highlighted to keep them accessible to your followers.

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