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Street light theft angers St Elizabeth parish councillors

08:00am | Sun, May 13, 2012

The stealing of street lights in sections of St. Elizabeth has incurred the wrath of several councillors in the parish. 

The issue came to light at the last monthly meeting of the Council,  with councillors expressed their concerns over the level of investigation done by the Jamaica Public Service (JPS). 

The councillors pointed out that street lights seem to have, over time, disappeared from one area only to turn up in another area, without the knowledge of the Council or the JPS. 

 Councillor for the Junction Division, Cetany Holness, in venting his anger, said he has made reports to the JPS about light which have suddenly gone missing from an area.
He said despite giving all the relevant information, no investigation has been done. 

The matter has prompted the Council to request the speeding up of plans for the audit of street lights in the parish. 
 Councillor for the Braes River Division, Donavan Pagon, said it is unfair for the Council to be paying for lights which it has not installed and for lights that are not working. Meanwhile, a JPS representative who was present at the meeting assured the Councillors that every effort will be made to investigate the  matter of missing street lights, at the same time encouraging them to also make a report to the police.