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CFU presidential candidate against the relocation of the union’s secretariat office

08:14pm | Sat, October 29, 2011

Harold Taylor, a Caribbean Football Union (CFU) presidential candidate and FIFA Development Officer, says the shifting of the office of the CFU Secretariat is highly controversial.

The secretariat was moved from Trinidad to Miami and then to Jamaica.

Taylor is leveling blame at Jamaica's Captain Horace Burrell and Angenie Kanhai, the General Secretary of the CFU, for what he says is the underhanded shifting of the Secretariat.  

"The office of the Secretariat is in the territory where the General Secretary resides. The General Secretary is from Trinidad, so how can you have the Secretariat in Miami? It is unthinkable to have a CFU office in Miami … too many members in the CFU must get a visa to go to Miami and some of them cannot even get visas and you have at least one permanent member of the Union who can’t even go to the US, so how could you put the office in Miami," Taylor said.

"Whose decision was that, did you ask the members, did the executives agree to that, how as the office moved, who gave the directive … that is unthinkable," he added.

According to Taylor, Captain Burrell supported Kanhai's moving of the office to Miami before it was once again shifted, this time to Jamaica.