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Unforgivable Ignorance.

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                               Unforgivable Ignorance

     It is assumed that those who occupy positions of power and influence whose
    actions can affect the lives of many have at the very least a modicum of
    appreciation as to what they are entitled to do under law, apart from the
    fact that the fear of legal sanction , damages or sheer embarrassment should
    serve as a deterrent.
    Unfortunately  two occurrences one in the private sector the other in the
    public sphere have served to shatter any such assumptions. The action of the
    Jamaica Public Service in having community wide blackouts to stem theft was
    patently illegal  and even those who support such an action as being
    necessary to shake the tree or precipitate public discussion show scant
    regard for law and the constitution.  The passing of the motion tabled by
    Senator Imani Duncan Price about gender quotas to favour women in public
    life is so patently contrary to the Charter of Rights dealing with
    discrimination , that it boggles the mind that the Upper House with so many
    members of the legal profession did not ensure that it was defeated . The
    Upper House not only assists in the passage of laws but is sworn to uphold
    the constitution . They are Law Makers  and should have more than a
    perfunctory acquaintance with the Constitution. To support an
    unconstitutional motion is a disservice  to the stewardship expected of them
    and the Charter of Rights which was recently passed with much fanfare should
    not be scoured by its custodians.

    Post by Clive Mullings