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That Tivoli Enquiry.

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                     That Tivoli Enquiry

    The suggestion by the Minister of Justice that the Tivoli Enquiry will not
    be detained by the absence of the Ballistic Report is nothing short of
    alarming. It appears that the deaths of the victims and an investigation as
    to those responsible is not a part of the Enquiry's remit. What then is its
    purpose? Anything less would be a vulgar disservice to those who died and a
    repudiation of the human rights of all Jamaicans. Hopefully the Opposition
    can rouse itself from its slumber and perform its constitutional
    responsibility to the people of this country which should far outweigh its
    narrow political fears.
              For the Government to snub its nose at the Office of The Public
    Defender a Commission of Parliament whose Interim Report underscored the
    importance of the Ballistic information may well be seen as proof positive
    of the Government's desire to have a political platform to embarrass the
    Jamaica Labour Party and not to unearth the truth . Hopefully Civil Society
    groups will support the position of The Public Defender as clearly there is
    a vacuum as far as leadership is concerned to protect the citizens from
    abuse by agents of the state. For the Charter of Rights to mean anything
    there must be eternal vigilance or as the African proverb says ' A lazy
    Man's farm will soon be overrun by snakes'.

    by Clive Mullings