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That sacking of Prof. Brendan Bain.

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                  That sacking of Prof. Brendan Bain

    The termination of Prof.Bain's contract by the University of the West Indies
    has created a firestorm of debate. The University has been prodded to take
    this course by interest groups who are campaigning for the abolition of laws
    which criminalize homosexual conduct. It is indeed ironic that they have
    placed  Prof Bain in the crosshairs bearing in mind his life's work
    combatting HIV/Aids. For the University to excoriate Prof Bain for giving
    scientific testimony on behalf of a party to a case in favour of retaining
    anti gay legislation and not the quality of the evidence he gave is both
    wrong and illegal. The implications for anyone giving expert evidence is
    clear. If a psychiatrist is called to give evidence for the Defence in a
    Murder case that does not mean that the expert is interested in the cause of
    the accused.
     Another bit of  nonsense being trotted out is that there is a conflict of
    interest and that those men who have sex with men will somehow not be
    receptive to attempts to treat their illnesses and will conceal their
    inclinations because the law deems their actions as illegal. I venture to
    suggest that the instinct to survive is not detained by the fear of
    stigmatization . Indeed was Prof Bain made aware that the contract that he
    had required him to join a campaign for the decriminalisation of homosexual
    As it stands the UWI has fired Prof Bain for giving evidence in support of
    law and is punishing him for not upholding an illegal act.

    By Clive Mullings