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Pontius Pilate.

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    Pontius Pilate

    The stance of the Government on the failure of the Barbadian Government to pay  Shanique Myrie the money awarded to her by the CCJ speaks volumes. Senator  Nicholson  in seeking to wash his hands of the matter asserts that Ms. Myrie's  lawyer  can file a complaint with the CCJ and that any suggestion that the Government of Jamaica should take action is rubbish and there should be no further argument along these lines. Despite Minister Nicholson's hubris the issue is not just a question of a wronged party failing to be compensated. The CCJ is a new court whose efficacy is being tested a court which is a creature of the Treaty of Chaguramus of which Jamaica and Barbados are signatories.  It is the action of a signatory state and not private contending commercial parties which was the genesis of Ms Myrie's case and the Government sought and got permission to be an intervenor in the case.
    For the Government to retreat in such a matter and to be contemptuously dismissive is to abdicate its responsibility to it's own citizen and does an injustice to the notion of Community Law and more egregiously is allowing Barbados to snub both the Treaty and the CCJ. This requires the Heads of Caricom to call upon the Member State of Barbados to honour it's obligations as this issue can have far reaching implications for the Court and for the citizenry who must have absolute confidence in not only the quality of its Judgments but the certainty of their execution. Dare we follow Pontius Pilate and make Community Law akin to his retreat behind Roman Law and wash our hands of it?

    post by Clive Mullings