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JPS: The Cows Come Home.

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    JPS: The Cows Come Home

    Ok now government, you are now trying to defend your 20 percent stake in JPS but at the same time, the company is losing millions each year because some 70 percent of customers in some communities, are simply stealing electricity.

    I'm willing to bet that these persons, because they are not metered, do not practice conservation and thus, are disproportionate users. This is a practice that cannot continue.  On the other hand, there are some genuine bona fide householders, who are doing nothing wrong.  It is totally unacceptable that this compliant minority must suffer for the bad. So I totally agree with the OUR in forcing the JPS to reverse its strategy.

    Yet, the problem is long coming and the politicians have allowed this cancer to fester.  There is a 'freeness' mentality created by decades of patronage.  Moreover, the lack of economic opportunities fuels this behaviour.

    It is significant that a large number of these cases occur in the Prime Minister's constituency and other garrisons. The cows have come home and the 'fouls' have come home to roost.  If the government is keen on restoring law and order, this is a good time to show.


    By Dr. Orville Taylor