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The importance of good judgement.

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    The plethora of articles and media comment post the Adija Palmer murder trial not the least of them coming from the Commissioner of police

    epitomises the tendency to see the media either as an avenue to vent or
    influence public opinion which raises the question , to what end?
    Transparency and accountability are words bandied about with much frequency
    but what we fail to realise is that good judgement should always be relied
    on especially from those clothed with the authority to make decisions on our
              Those persons must be ever vigilant against the danger of  being
    seen as defensive or worse of having an agenda. They must constantly weigh
    the possible effects of their actions because they speak from the pedestal
    of authority that was provided to them for the public good not public or
    personal appeasement. Our institutions may well be damaged when there is a
    lack of good judgement but the greater danger is that the well being and
    rights of individuals could be unjustly prejudiced from which they may never
    recover and a society may be destabilised and paralysed by fear.


    Post by Clive Mullings