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Bain's Unfortunate Removal.

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    Bain's Unfortunate Removal

    Facts are simply that; facts! One out of every man who admits that he copulates with other men, is HIV positive.  It is not the invention of Prof Brendan Bain but anal penetration, whether it is between a man and woman or between men, is perhaps the best way of transmitting HIV.

    Given the low approval for male to male sexual contact, I'm willing to bet my proverbial bottom dollar, that this figure is much higher. Indeed, in 2009 when I wrote the recommendations for the implementation of the legislative changes re HIV and work,  some stakeholders from the gay community, felt that the number was more than 50 percent.

    Ironically, Bain has done more for the study and understanding of HIV than any gay advocate in jamaica. It is his work that had brought the funding here, that created the institute.

    But, now who pays the piper demands the tune, and the UWI likes the money. It is simply that.
    Call and respond on air today and look forward a full commentary in the Gleaner.


    Post by Orville Taylor