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Babylon seh Jail for Me.

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    It looks like it’s going to be a long, long time before we change the subject and Kartel can settle down to his new iron-barred community and we get back to business. There’s so much to chat-bout. The Jamaican public is absolutely spellbound by this sordid chapter in what could have been a productive life, but which got destroyed by the chi-chi of power. It is a pity he forgot the motto of his old school:  “Utmost for the highest”.

    Media reports tell how he exited the Home Circuit Court in Kingston as if it was just another day in Paradise, decked out in a sparkling white suit with the old-school tie and jersey in the school colours. Delusional or triumphant? Was he sending a signal that he still rules, or was he bowing to the alma mater’s superb victory at Champs? We’ll never know. Prison gates make a fearful noise when they close. I went to G.P. (General Penitentiary) once, strictly as an invited guest. No plans to return.

    As far as the appeal goes, some lawyers say it might be this year, some say next. Plenty research to do. One thing sure, it is not next week.  Prophetic lyrics have been a  hallmark of the World Boss. Heed to the one:  “Babylon sey jail for me”. Yes Boss, it did come to pass. Surely that couldn’t be the reason why you left the court laughing with Shawn Storm, one of your crew, heading to lock-down.  Whatever was the joke, nobody is laughing anymore. Serious ting, my yute, very serious ting.

    Barbara Gloudon