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‘sauce for the goose and ketchup for the goslings’ -JUTC.

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    There seems to be a clear issue of ‘sauce for the goose and ketchup for the goslings’ regarding the JUTC and the sub-franchise operators.  I am still trying to find the legal basis for the dedicated lane to the JUTC buses on the Mandela. I am unconvinced that Section 59 (f) of the Road Traffic Act,  which allows the Minister to make regulations “(f) prohibiting the use of a motor vehicle or trailer of any class or description on any road or part of a road or on any bridge or culvert; “  gives him these power.


    Now, we hear that the sub-franchisers and other operators are saying that the terms of their licences allow them to stop at bus stops or places of convenience, despite the JUTC declaring that this is illegal.

    On an outside broadcast on Hotline, it was admitted that sometimes the JUTC buses are overloaded contrary to their licences. Yet, there is no prosecution of the drivers.

    Where is the law and where is the equity?


    By Dr. Orville Taylor